A Special Blog Post

Good morning. It is I Gigi the parti poodle here and my novelist Karen who would like to bring you a very special blog post.

Again, we would like to say that we do not like to be political on this blog. This blog is designed to be fun and entertaining. But sometimes situations arise, and we find we need to speak out. Especially when it is something that is in reference to stories we have written or occurrences that happen in our own back yard.

That said, we would like to give a huge round of applause and a standing ovation to the students at Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington. We stand with you in solidarity against the unfair practices of Newport High School and the Bellevue School and District Leaders. We are from the northwest and have lived here most of our lives. We know firsthand how poorly the Washington State schools deal with bullying and assault because we ourselves have gone though what you have gone through. We have experienced how badly schools in the State of Washington deal with these matters and your high school is not the only one facing this.  

But you are the ones who spoke out and therefore you deserve high praise for your courage because you not only spoke for yourselves you spoke for others. You should not have been expelled nor should you be punished in any way shape or form for speaking against the wrongs committed against you. School employees do not listen unless you grab them by the face and shout in their ears. The truth is the Washington State schools are only supportive of their institutions. They are cowards and suckers and ignorant and poorly equipped to handle anything dealing with violent students.

Violent students are usually born dangerous, develop their villainy in early childhood, should be identified early on, and should never ever be allowed to attend the same school as other students. When they are not identified and removed, they bring the entire school system down much like a rock dropped in the middle of a serene lake their actions spread out in rings affecting everything and everyone in their path. Such a small unnecessary group should not be allowed to affect the whole.

Dangerous students regardless of who they are or who their parents are should be permanently removed from the student body and placed in an institution with other students like themselves where they can be educated and possibly treated with decompression therapy which has proven to be over ninety percent successful.

The unfortunate reality is most individuals who become school employees or administrators tend to be highly focused on logistics and diplomacy. It is in their genetics to gravitate this way. When faced with dangerous students who are almost always tactical and strategic, they are incapable of understanding how dangerous they are because they themselves lack these abilities and hold a false believe that everyone thinks like they do. Schools should actively seek out a larger population of non-violent, non-psychopathic tactical and strategic employees to better balance the approximately eighty-nine percent of school employees who lack these skills. These individuals would more readily recognize dangerous students because it is in their genetics to do so and more likely to believe victims when they come forwards. Especially since logistical and diplomatic school employees are by nature whether they want to believe it or not are more attracted to and more likely to support perpetrators than victims as well as being hardwired to avoid change.  

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