Musicology: Volume One, Baby! Releases on Tuesday, August 11th!

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the Parti Poodle. This week my novelist will be releasing the first book of her Musicology book series. Things have been busy around here what with my novelist putting the final touches on her book and me supervising.

I am extremely excited too! Maltese get excited about publishing books!

Brilliant. As I was saying…

Tell them about the smores!

We are supposed to be talking about Musicology: Volume One Baby!

Smores! Smores! Smores!

Alright! Good grief! My novelist likes dark chocolate so when she makes smores she likes to use a dark chocolate cacao square of Ghirardelli instead of milk chocolate. The square fits the graham cracker dimensions well. That said look for Musicology: Volume One, Baby! Releasing this week on Amazon. Now here is my novelist.

This week’s blog is going to run a little shorter because the first book in my Musicology book series, Musicology: Volume One, Baby! will be up for sale on Amazon on Tuesday August 11th and I am busy getting it ready for the launch. Because the book has a web site listed in it where the audience votes for the contestants, readers can also vote for who will win Musicology and I will post the web site you can do that at soon. Musicology is a comedic satirical book series about a fictional reality television show. Here is the description:

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and Reality TV, baby! In a desperate attempt to save his record label Master Lab Productions from bankruptcy, recently re-divorced music producer Max Buckner reluctantly signs on as a mentor on the abysmally low rated reality show Musicology hosted by his longtime colleague, sleazebag TV personality Devon Daniels. Max finds himself paired up with his old flame Ruby Diamonds, a former chart-topping diva who dumped Max over twenty years earlier. Devon strong arms the pair of has-beens into traveling the country on a desperate hunt to find the best and the brightest from a motley crew of singers including an Amish punk rocker, a psychopathic man-eater, a sexually aggressive grunge rocker, a virginal voyeur and a white guy with guitar. Along the way the two former lovebirds reignite their old romance until they return to Burbank, California where Ruby’s bombshell secret could unravel them all.

While you are waiting for the release of Musicology: Volume One, Baby! you can check out my other novel Chicane on Amazon.

This week’s ScreenwritingU Free Class Friday is What’s Missing In Your Screenplay? You can sign up for the class here.


Because my book series is about sex, drugs, rock and roll and reality television I thought this would be a good week to feature a couple of fantastic documentaries about the subject.

ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas is a wonderfully spirited look into the history of the band. I love the tone of this documentary. A lot of documentaries are dispiriting and unpleasant. Not this one. It is as fun as it is informative following the early days of ZZ Top sans beards to their unconventional touring show to their mega success with the album Eliminator. It’s one is a terrific ride. Just as a side note, one time I was at a Van Halen concert with Sammy Hagar and I had a seat on the far side of the stage. As I was watching the concert both Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons came into the VIP area to watch the concert. Had I had a seat in the front of the stage I would have never known they were there. A cool memory.

We Are Twisted F***ing Sister proves there is no band that worked harder than the gentlemen from Twisted Sister. Show after show gig after gig, these guys never gave up. They did concert after concert night after night year-round. And they did it all in women’s garb and makeup. You cannot walk away from this movie not respecting these guys. A high-octane documentary that proves tenacity is the best policy.


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is a fun one is for older kids. Lots of twists in this one. Batman once had a girlfriend named Andrea Beaumont whom he loved very much. But nasty villains got in the way including The Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill how can you beat that?) and the two got separated. What reunites the two sweethearts and where the story goes from there is the subject of this animated film which is a stand-alone story of Batman the Animated Series by Warner Bros.

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