Memorial Day

Hello. My name is Tucker, and I am a Maltese. Today Gigi and I wanted to talk about our national holiday, Memorial Day. This is a very important day in the United States because we give respect to those military members who paid the ultimate price and died serving our country. It is without doubt one of our most important American holidays.

I am Gigi and I am a parti poodle. This year, however, is a peculiar Memorial Day because this year it takes on a second meaning as well as we mourn the lives of those we lost in Uvalde, Texas as well as Buffalo, New York and all the mass shootings that have transpired in our nation’s history. Many of which occurred since May 21st, 1998, when Kip Kinkel shot and killed his parents at their home and opened fire in the patio area of Thurston High School in Oregon. He fired fifty rounds of ammunition injuring thirty-seven students and killing two. Wounded student Jackob Ryker tackled him and with the assistance of six other brave students Kip Kinkle was subdued firing only one last shot and yelling “Just kill me!” until the police arrived. Last Saturday marked the twenty-fourth anniversary of its occurrence.

Today Gigi and I will pray for our brave soldiers who fought for our country and the many civilians who have died or were injured on American soil because of narcissistic acts of violence carried out with guns.

And most of all Tucker and I will pray for our country to improve. Many humans look to the past. Many look to the present. But few look to the future. We pray our country, now at the tipping point, looks to the future and we pray our country will change.

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