Gigi’s Take on Personality Types

Good Afternoon. It is I Gigi the Parti Poodle here once again this time to seize my novelist’s blog by the horns. She is recuperating from taking a class in comedy writing which distressed her so much I required her to take a mental day and I shall be running the ship as it were. I had to do a bit of research for this, but I think it will make for an interesting study on character personalities and their level of happiness. I for one am most joyful if that shaggy little Maltese is in his corner of the room where he belongs. He is an introvert by the way. We suspect an ISFJ or an ISFP. 

My novelist is a big fan of personality types. She likes to use the Keirsey Temperament Sorter for writing fiction because it is easier to compare one character to another than the Big 5 although she thinks that perhaps the Big 5 may be more accurate in real life. So, by that rational, we shall be using Myers-Brigg.

The article I found lists the personality types from happiest to unhappiest. Here is the list:










#10 INTJ

#11 ISTP

#12 ISFJ

#13 ISFP

#14 INFJ

#15 INTP

#16 INFP

As you can see the happiest personalities are all extroverts and the unhappiest personalities are all introverts. Also, Judgement personalities tend to rate higher than Perceptive personalities amongst both extroverts and introverts. Small wonder, myself being extroverted, that I would be joyous, and the Maltese would be miserable as he should be. One thing to note however is this article was written in November of 2019 which is to say that it was written before Covid19 took a foothold and lockdown occurred. It would be interesting to do this survey again one year after lockdown to see if those positions have changed. Are introverts now happier than extroverts? Are introverts better at living in the extroverted world than extroverts are living in the introverted world? With all the madness going on one must consider these possibilities.

I for one flourish in both worlds. If I feel I need company I can curl up in the chair behind my novelist as she types being as I weigh not more than six pounds. I can torment the Maltese and let out my aggressions on him when I get bored or when he thinks he has the right to sit on my novelist’s lap. Although I must ponder if I were, horrifying though it may be, how I would fare were I on my own in the world. Who would I manage and control then?  

One interesting point I found in the article was the matter of dopamine. Extroverts have a more sensitive brain reward system. Extroverts’ brains release more dopamine than introverts’ brains when they get food, sex, and social interaction as well as money… like psychopaths who are always extroverts. This motivates extroverts more towards their goals than introverts and they have more positive emotions when they are rewarded. If this is so, are extroverts essentially drug addicts addicted to dopamine? Is this partly the reason for the drive to reopen the world? Are extroverts going through withdrawals and fiending for dopamine because they cannot socially interact as much as they could pre-Covid19? Does this explain human being’s craving Ritalin? The article has a link to a study on the subject.

Well, I thought I did a brilliant job with that. You must excuse me now as I must get back to my writing. I am planning to share with you one of my fictional masterpieces in the future so you can relish in my genius. But before I do, I must tell you that my novelist’s book MUSICOLOGY: VOLUME FOUR, SWEETIE! will be available one week from today on Thursday, March 11th, 2021.

Au revoir, Gigi

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