Good afternoon. Gigi the parti poodle here and I must say this has been a most momentous week. Firstly, because my novelist is releasing her third book in her Musicology series, Musicology: Volume Three, Twist! but more importantly because I received my first professional haircut since the dawn of Covid19. I must admit I am terrible at allowing people to style my hair. I am a feisty poodle after all. And so, my novelist and I went round after round for months with her trying to use the Wahl clippers and scissors on me to disastrous results. Therefore, I was escorted off at 10:30 on Tuesday morning to have my locks sheared. My novelist took me to my usual groomers who have extremely strict Covid19 regulations. My novelist was not allowed inside the shop. No one who was not a dog or professional groomer employed by the shop was allowed entrance which of course delighted my hypochondriac novelist. I was whisked inside where I was bathed and trimmed and of course had my nails done. One must always have one’s nails done. Being it winter in the northwest I am quite chilly now but exquisite to look at as is illustrated in my before and after photos below. As anyone can clearly see I am a fine specimen of the Canis Lupus Familiaris variety. I will now allow you some time to gaze upon my beauty as one does a famous painting and contemplate the extraordinary art of my being. And without further ado, here is my novelist.

On Monday, January 11th, my third novel in my book series Musicology series releases! To kick things off here is the description:

Who is Donnie Trojan?


The Circle of Seven have been revealed and the pressure is on. The resident diva exhibits her conniving zenith as she continues making carnage of the other contestants’ careers. But Ruby Diamonds is on to her and enlists the help of an old friend and an unlikely budding romance to set things right. Amidst the drama Devon embraces the unexpected rising ratings and Max scrambles to figure out who “The Kid” is before the show takes another damaging turn and obliterates his career.

My Books

You can check out my books Chicane and the first two books in my Musicology book series Musicology: Volume One, Baby! and Musicology: Volume Two, Kid! on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions. Musicology Volume Three, Twist! will release this Monday, January 11, 2021. You can also check out Musicology’s web site at and vote for who you think will will Musicology!!!


Christopher Guest makes very funny films. His most notable is This is Spinal Tap which essentially put the mocumentary on the map. Best in Show is in my opinion his second-best work. Set in the world of televised dog shows the movie depicts and spoofs different wacky characters all vying for the coveted blue ribbon at the Mayflower Kennel Club competition. Among the dogs are a standard poodle, a bloodhound, a distempered Weimaraner, a pampered Shih Tzu and a Norwitch terrier. One of the standouts in the movie is Fred Willard as Buck Laughlin a dysfunctional announcerwho makes varying bizarre and hilarious comments about the dogs and their owners.


A lot of folks like Shrek but for me Puss in Boots albeit a spin-off is the smarter better film. This wonderfully droll tale explores the formative years of the would-be notorious feline Puss (Antonio Banderas) and his childhood friend Humpty Dumpty (Zack Galifianakis) who may or may not have deserved to fall off that wall. The villainous Jack and Jill add chaos and spunk as outlaws who have gotten their hands-on Jack’s magic beans. The film also introduces Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek) who is just as smart and engaging as our anti-hero. Their dance-off in the milk bar is a whole lot of fun.   


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