Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the parti poodle once again and this has been one of the most dreadful times of my life. I had my teeth professionally cleaned last week. Let me tell you that is no walk in the park. My novelist took me to the veterinarian’s office at eight in the morning where I was kidnapped, laid down on a disturbingly cold table and shot up with mind altering drugs. The next thing I knew I had a terrible taste in my mouth, and I had been brainwashed. Every thought I had was strange. I even hallucinated the Maltese took over my blog. Absolute pandemonium. And all this right before my novelist is about to publish her second book in the Musicology Series. One should always be in one’s right mind before their novelist is on the precipice of releasing a new book. Without further ado here is my novelist.

Musicology Volume Two, Kid! will be available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback on Monday Rocktober 12th! And to kick it off here is the description:

Who is “The Kid”?  After Ruby Diamond’s shocking decision, the Circle of Ten results have been revealed. Now Ruby is about to drop another timebomb into Max Buckner’s hands, a dangerous secret that puts the show on a collision course with legal and financial ruin. As Max scrambles to find out which contestant is “The Kid” and save Musicology from scandal, the Circle of Ten start carrying out agendas of their own…especially the resident diva who will stop at nothing in her attempt to destroy every contestant in her path, dominate the competition, and take the Musicology crown. Vote for who you think will win Musicology at!

Stay tuned there will also be a special Musicology surprise coming soon!!! Until then…


You can check out my books Chicane and the first book in my Musicology book series Musicology: Volume One, Baby!  on Amazon both in Kindle and Paperback editions. You can also check out Musicology’s website at The second book of the Musicology series, Musicology Volume Two, Kid! is releasing Monday, Rockctober 12, 2020!


This movie is based on the true events of an Alaskan serial killer named Robert Christian Hansen (played by John Cusack) also known as the Baker Butcher. The story which is set in 1983 primarily circles around Cindy Hansen (Vanessa Hudgens in a tour de force performance), a 17-year-old prostitute working in Anchorage who was wily enough to escape from Hansen before he was able to put her on his bush plane and hunt her down for sport in the Alaskan wilderness. Other women (about seventeen of them and maybe more) were not as fortunate. Cindy tells her story about Hansen to the police. But because she lied about her age and worked as a prostitute and Hansen is considered an upstanding community member, a family man with his own restaurant (Please note: the nineth most common job for psychopaths is chef) her story was not believed by the police…except for one officer, State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Nicholas Cage). Halcombe struggles to form a case to bring Hansen in before he claims more victims and tracks down and kills Cindy. The film was Scott Walker’s directorial debut and shot entirely in Alaska.


This is a cute short stop animation film based on the book Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Schleffler. It is the story of a kind redheaded witch and her orange cat and the wind which blows the witches items away one by one. Every item is retrieved by a different animal, each one asking after retrieving her item if there is room on the broom for them. It is appropriate for kids of all ages and witty enough for adults. Perfect for the Halloween season.


This particular class will require you to watch a scene from Casablanca. The link for the scene is provided when you sign up for the class. You can sign up here. All Free Friday Classes start at 12:00pm PST and are accessed by dialing in on your phone.

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