Good evening and welcome to Gigi Catches Air.  My name is Gigi, parti poodle.  Tonight, we begin a new series which is based on the bloggings of my pet, Karen.  And might I add she is a marvelous companion on walks, a warm lap when I watch television and always prompt in providing meals and treats.  Even the baths she gives me are uncommonly tolerable.  She has fared well under my tutelage and I expect her to express her thoughts brilliantly on this page.  The only drawback I can deduce about her is she has chosen to adopt a Maltese.  But we shall not speak of that disconcerting indiscretion at this time.  So, without further ado here is my human.     

My name is not Gigi.  It is Karen.  Gigi is my toy parti poodle who catches air when she sees me come home by jumping up and down in front of the window.  But Gigi Catches Air is a more beguiling name for a blog than Karen Rolls so we’re going to call it Gigi Catches Air. 

I (Karen that is) have written seriously for over a decade and a half.  My mission is to publish every bizarre tale I have penned.  My goal is to tell you about how I go about writing and how I do it almost every day.  I’ll share with you all the wacky ways I create my stories and perhaps you’ll find something to either spark your imagination or add to your toolbox or throw in the trash.  In addition, I will talk randomly about film, television and my outré view of the world at large.  My philosophy is writing should make you happy.  Even if your dog just died, your boyfriend dumped you and the giant tree the neighbor refused to cut down just fell on your car you should have a happy writing session that day.   

I am or was a trained actor and I love film and television.  I believe acting is good for writers even if it isn’t their goal in life.  I’ve learned as much about storytelling from acting classes as I did from writing classes.  I also worked at a video store for three years and have watched thousands of films.  Because of this my novels have a lot of dialogue.  I put more emphasis on what people say rather than what they’re wearing or the scenery around them.  My stories are primarily dark comedies or seriocomic in nature.  When I have done public readings of my work some people have laughed, and others have left the room in terror.  I consider both reactions a triumph.   

I’ll post every Thursday.  That’s the schedule.  While you’re waiting for my next post check out my novel Chicane currently available on Amazon.

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