What I Found in the Trunk Chapter 20

Hello. My name is Tucker, and I am a Maltese. This week Gigi and I were going to have to stay with a babysitter while our novelist went on a short vacation. But because the Covid numbers went up so high where she was traveling, our novelist cancelled her plans, and we have her home with us. I am looking forward to having a staycation. Staycations are fun. Our novelist went and got a Monopoly card game that looks like fun. Also, we might do a binge-watching session. Our novelist never has a lot of time for binge watching sessions but because it is her vacation, she is making an exception. I am very excited to see BoJack Horseman.

What?! I cannot allow it. Pardon me. Gigi the parti poodle here most unfortunately allowing this insipid cur to introduce my blog this week. Tucker, we discussed this. We are binge watching The Crown.

But The Crown is all arthouse-like and I never understand those stories.

What are you talking about? It’s the history of the royal family more specifically the reign of Elizabeth II and her life.

I am yawning just thinking about it.

Oh, and your choice is better? A washed up ex-comedic television star with a horse head? You call that art?

I call it fun.

I swear I am going to…never mind. We will discuss this later. Here is Chapter Twenty of What I Found in the Trunk.

What I Found in the Trunk


Gigi the Parti Poodle

Back in the rear bedroom, Gary, Rusty and Rune crouched near the door trying to hear the indistinguishable conversation.

“What do you think they’ll do to Bennet, Rune?” Gary asked.

“I don’t know,” Rune replied.

“Alright let me rephrase the question. What’s the worst you’ve known him to do?”

“Assault and battery, counterfeiting and embezzlement.”

“That’s an impressive list,” Rusty said. 

“Are he and his molls capable of worse?” Gary asked.

“Maybe,” Rune replied.

“We’ve got to save Bennet,” Gary said making a lurch for the door.

Rusty grabbed him by the shirt. “He is kind of annoying,” he said. “We should take that into consideration.”

“Are you insane?! We can’t leave Bennet out there to risk himself for us. From what Rune has told us Durwin…”

“David,” Rune corrected.

“David could…”

Suddenly, the three of them heard the front door slam. Everyone froze. The engine of the Mercades SUV revved up, backed out and drove off. They looked at each other then slowly, carefully cracked open the door. They listened but didn’t hear anyone or anything. Just the tick of a clock.

Rusty pointed to himself and mouthed, “I’ll go check it out.”

Gary and Rune nodded and watched Rusty stealth down the hall and round the corner.

“Bennet had better be okay,” Gary warned Rune.

Rune glanced at him and said nothing as they stared in the direction Rusty had gone. After a couple of minutes, he slipped back around the corner and said, “They’re gone…and I think they took Bennet with them. But for some weird reason they made him leave his clothes behind.”

“What?” Gary said.

“It looks like they made Bennet take off all his clothes and then kidnapped him.”

“Are you kidding? Why would they make him do that? Why would they make him do that, Rune?”

“I have no idea,” Rune said. “But it’s strange. Even for David.”

Gary’s phone suddenly went off. “It’s Bennet,” he said and answered the call. “Hello?”

“Looks like we’ve got your boy, Gary,” Durwin told him.

“Put Bennet on!” Gary demanded.

“Put Rune on first.”

Gary looked at Rune. “Durwin or David or whatever wants to talk to you.”

“Not a chance,” Rune said.

“You put Bennet, Randy, and my dad in danger, and you put me in danger. If you don’t talk to this creep, I’m going to put you in danger.”

“Yeah, how?”

“I’ll tell Durwin or David or whatever his name is where you’re running to.”

Rune’s face went ashen, but she kept her cool. She grabbed the phone from Gary. “What?” she said.

“I want it back, Rune,” Durwin told her.

“I returned your grandmother’s ring to you. We’re done.”

“You could have tossed the ring down the sewer for all I care. And technically you still have it seeing as your new boyfriend took the strongbox. Tell me where it is, or Gary’s dad and this naked performance artist clown are going to be in a lot of pain.”

“Why should I care?”

“Because one of them knows where you’re going.”

Rune hesitated then said, “They don’t know a thing.”

“I’ll get my answer. You’re a smart girl, Rune but you’re not smart enough to outsmart me.”

Rune narrowed her eyes. She looked at Gary then Rusty then back to Gary. “Fine. Meet us at the center of the quad at five A.M. If you bring Gary’s dad and Bennet with you safe and sound, I’ll take you to where it is.”

“Put Gary back on the phone and let the adults talk.”

Fuming but outwardly calm Rune handed Gary’s phone back to him.

“Here’s the deal,” Durwin told Gary. “You and Rune meet me and my boys at the quad at five AM. In exchange for your dad and naked boy Rune’s going to take me to what’s rightfully mine. If you bring anyone else besides Rune with you this deal is null and void. You got me?”

“I got you,” Gary said.

“If you and Rune are late the deal is null and void. You be there at five AM sharp. You got me?”

“I got you.”

“You call the cops, and this deal is null and void. You got me?”

“I got you.”

Durwin hung up the phone.

“He’s going to meet you and me at the UW Quad at five A.M.”

“What about me?” Rusty asked.


“David,” Rune corrected.

“…was clear no one else was to be there but Rune and I.”

“So, he’s got you outmanned two to four. Is that it?”

“Looks like it.”

Rune was still fuming from talking to David. “Let me borrow your phone,” she told Rusty.

“Why?” Rusty said.

“I need to call someone.”


“Just give me the phone.”

“Give her the phone, Rusty.”

“Fine,” Rusty grumbled putting in his passcode before handing it to Rune.

“Thanks,” Rune said and dialed the number.

“Who’s she calling?” Rusty asked Gary.

Gary shrugged.

“Hello,” Rune said into the phone. “It’s Rune…yes. It’s David he’s…I know, I know. I won’t ask you again…if you could just meet me…the UW. Yes. Five A.M. Yes, I know it’s early just…please. Thank you. Okay. Okay. Thank you…bye.”

“Who was that?” Rusty and Gary asked simultaneously.

“We need to go,” she said.

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It would have been near impossible to beat Fargo for best original screenplay in 1996 or any year for that matter. But it would have been easy to drop Jerry Maguire or Shine to make room for this complex and brilliantly written script by the Wachowskis. I have never wrapped my head around why The Matrix is considered their best work outside of the groundbreaking special effects. Some rabid fanboy filmgoers and whack-job would-be scientists (more philosophers than scientists) seem to embrace the idea that the world is merely a simulation, and we are all puppets of artificial intelligence. I would be far more likely to believe the story of The Terminator before I would believe this simulation hypothesis malarky. I’ve watched The Matrix three times and for me it becomes more lackluster and insipid with each viewing. But Bound just gets better and better in every way from the gorgeous cinematography, the superb direction and the spot on performances of this brilliantly cast film. Corky (Gina Gershon) spent five years in prison for robbery. She has gotten a job working as a handyman in an apartment building that happens to house members of the mob. One of them is Ceasar (brilliantly played by Joe Pantoliano) and his very sexy girlfriend Violet (Jennifer Tilly). Corky and Violet discover they have a connection and after Ceasar and his associates brutally murder Shelly (Barry Kivel) who has skimmed over two million dollars from them Violet enlists Corky to help her steal the two million and escape the dangerous life she is trapped in.  

What I Found in the Trunk Chapter 19

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the party poodle and I am under the weather today. I partook of a couple bites of a pork rib yesterday evening and it did me in. I had a rough night and a rough morning, so I am going to simply tell you to please enjoy Chapter Nineteen of my story today. And just as a reminder by summer’s end I will be delighting you with a new tale which is very different from the one I have been penning. Until I am recovered, I am begrudgingly handing the blog over to that insipid Maltese.

Hello. My name is Tucker, and I am a Maltese. Goody, goody, goody! I am introducing Gigi’s blog today because she cannot hold her pork. I am a more mellow breed, so it did not bother me. I enjoyed the pork. I could eat it in front of Gigi and upset her. Ha, ha. Of course, she has an awful terrible temper and would not let me enjoy myself. She does not like it when I am happy. But I like being happy. I like to be a happy dog.

Just introduce the blog, will you?!

Hello. My name is Tucker, and I am a Maltese. I am introducing Gigi’s blog. Today is Gigi’s nineteenth chapter. Please enjoy her nineteenth chapter. I know I am going to enjoy her nineteenth chapter. Have a happy nineteenth chapter.

What I Found in the Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter Nineteen

“Go fish,” Rusty said to Gary as the four of them sat around the coffee table in Bennet’s cabin.

Gary reached over and drew a card off the pile. An eight of diamonds of which he had no match.

Rune turned to Gary and asked, “Do you have any queens?”

“I didn’t have any last time and I don’t have any now,” he replied. “Go fish.”

“Dude,” Bennet said as Rune drew a card. “I can feel the sexual tension all the way over here.”

“You should get your head checked out,” Rune snapped. “I think you’ve got a wrench jammed in there or something.”

“All y’all shut up,” Rusty said. “I’m about to win this game.”

“You’ve got the least number of pairs in front of you, bro,” Bennet pointed out.

“Shut up! I do not!”

“Let him live in delusion,” Rune said.

“Watch it, missy…”

“If you call me missy one more time, I’m going to palm heel you in the nose.”

“Yeah? Make my day.

“Check out these desserts man,” Bennet said. “I ordered like three different types!”

“What did you get?” Gary asked.

“Their signature triple chocolate brownie, tiramisu and profiteroles.”

“I’ll take the tiramisu.”

“You should seriously try the profiteroles, Rune. It’s totally your style.”

“Are we out of pizza?” Rusty asked.


“Man, it was stellar! You should have ordered another pie.”

“Yeah, I undershot that one.”

“You ate two of them by yourself,” Gary said.

“I’m under stress.”

“We’re all under stress! It doesn’t mean you need to make a pig out of yourself!”

“Well, excuse me for building up an appetite helping you keep your ass from getting whooped!”

“My ass? Last I remembered I was picking your face off the pavement in the dealership parking lot and hauling you out here!”

“You wouldn’t have even gotten off the lot if I hadn’t fended them off!”

“That’s enough!” Rune shouted. “I don’t like this situation we’re any more than you do! But we need to keep our heads here!”

“Rune’s completely spot on about this, bros,” Bennet said. “We all need to chill and seriously partake of these outstanding desserts.”

“Hand me a brownie,” Rusty said.

“One brownie coming up.”

As Bennet was handing out the desserts the four of them were too distracted to notice the sound of the Mercades SUV pulling up nearby.

“Looks like the kids are home,” Durwin said to the first guy who was driving the vehicle.

“What do we do now?” the second guy asked.

“We wait.”

“You were totally right, Ben,” Rusty said after they’d finished eating. “Those desserts were outstanding.”

“Was I right or was I right?” Bennet said.

“The tiramisu was excellent,” Gary said. “I’m picky about my tiramisu and that was some seriously wicked tiramisu.”

“What did you think, Rune?” Bennet asked her.

“The profiteroles were exquisite,” she replied.

“Awesome! Who’s next?”

Just then the doorbell rang. Everyone froze.

“Were you expecting someone?” Gary whispered.

“No,” Bennet whispered back.

“We need to turn off the lights,” Rusty said heading for the switch.

“It’s too late,” Rune said stopping him. “They already know we’re here.”

“No,” Bennet said. “They know I’m here.”

The doorbell rang again.

“Okay, you guys. You need to get into the spare bedroom and stay quiet. I’ll handle it.”

“It’s too late for you to handle it,” Gary hissed.

“Let’s just do what Bennet said and hide,” Rune said. “It’s better than arguing.”

“Go to the guest bedroom,” Bennet said.

The doorbell rang a third time.


Gary, Rune and Rusty all looked at each other, then crept towards the back room.

Bennet glanced over at the pile of food boxes on the table. “Coming!” he called as he looked around for a solution. He started ripping off his shirt, shorts, and underwear. When he was buck naked, he grabbed one of the pizza boxes and held it in front of his shortcomings and moved over to the door.

Durwin and his three henchmen all stared at the nude guy with the pizza box strategically placed. Durwin tilted his head and said, “Is this your cabin?”

“Totally,” Bennet said.

“Where are your clothes?”

“Over there,” Bennet said pointing to the couch.

“Why aren’t they on you?”

“I’m like working.”

An amused look formed on Durwin’s face. “Really?”

“I’m a performance artist.”

“I’ll bet.”

“I’m working on this project called Naked Lunch.”

“You can’t call it Naked Lunch,” the first guy said. “That’s a William S. Burroughs novel.”

“Really?” Bennet said. “I thought it was totally original. You guys selling something?”

“In a matter of speaking,” Durwin said.

“I for one think the project sounds cool,” the third guy said.

“Thanks, bro,” Bennet said.

“We heard from a little birdie we might have some mutual acquaintances,” Durwin said.

“Really? You guys into the northwest art scene…?”

“And they might have stopped by to pay you a visit.”

“No artists have stopped by here…”

“Is that tiramisu?”

“Why, yes.”

Durwin walked over and picked up the tiramisu in his had and took a huge bite. “This is some tasty tiramisu I tell you what,” he said. “I mean this is unbelievably good.”


“Sorry. I didn’t catch your name, bro.”

“I didn’t catch yours either.”


“Hi, Durwin,” Bennet said holding the pizza box with one hand while extending his other hand to shake Durwin’s.

Durwin glanced at Bennet’s hand but did not shake it. “And you are?”


“Bennet. Interesting name. So, where are they, Bennet?”

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How Independant Films Should Be


It would be impossible to make a list of how independent films should be without mentioning the masterpiece which ushered in the great independent movie era of the 1990’s. A 26-year-old unknown writer director named Steven Soderbergh with the help of Robert Newmyer and John Hardy, and executive producers Nancy Tenenbaum, Nick Wechsler and 34-year-old Morgan Mason (actor James Mason’s son) changed the course of film history. Important to note the film is dedicated to Ann Dollard who was Soderbergh’s agent at the time who tragically died at the tender age of thirty-two before she could see the movie come to life. She and Wechsler presented the script to Mason who had his wife, the talented Belinda Carlisle read the script. Mason was a child actor and played Elizabeth Taylor’s nine-year old son Danny in The Sandpiper. He quit acting at a young age but later starred with his wife in two of her music videos, “Mad About You” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. I will briefly note the song “Mad About You” by Belinda Carlisle is highlighted in Musicology: Volume Four, Sweetie.

The film went on to extraordinary success winning the Palme de’Or and best actor for the tour de force performance by James Spader at Cannes and the Audience Award at Sundance. Soderbergh won the Writer’s Guild Award and was given an Oscar nomination for his brilliant original script. It cost 1.2 million to make and grossed $24,741,667 domestically and $36.74 million worldwide. Every performance in this film is outstanding and all four of the leads went on to have solid if not spectacular careers which they all clearly deserved.

The story is deceptively simple. Set in Baton Rouge young lawyer John Mullany (Peter Gallagher) is cheating on his likable homemaker wife Anne Bishop Mullany (Andie MacDowell) with her sexy bohemian sister Cynthia (Laura San Giacomo). Into town comes John’s old friend Graham (James Spader) who used to be more of a fraternity boy like John but has clearly gone through a transformation. Graham has become a drifter but gives the impression he’d like to plant roots back in Baton Rouge. But Graham’s metamorphosis is not conventional, and his peculiar new self gives sometimes funny sometimes disturbing meaning to the words sex, lies and videotape.     

What I Found in the Trunk Chapter 18

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the parti poodle. This week I am most distressed. I requested a hold at the library for Who Wants to Be a Poodle I Don’t by Lauren Child, and it showed up in my queue as being on the shelf and then it wasn’t there. What kind of horrific nightmare is that? I had till August third to send my novelist over there to pick it up for me. Did that rotten bulldog Ruffles steal it and check it out? I’ll bet he did. That insipid slobbery hound is always out to devastate me. Never trust a dog that walks like a covered wagon and drools like a drainpipe. The way those things sit is almost obscene. And now this beast has my book. I’ll bet he’s reading it right now laughing at me and eating greasy uncouth potato chips. I’ll bet he’s getting paw stains all over my precious book. And to top it all off I got a bath this past weekend. I’m miserably clean and fresh and that monster is putting greasy potato chip stains on my book. Pardon me. I do not mean to get in such a frenzy. But I do take my library books seriously. I should let you know by the end of the summer I will be wrapping up What I Found in the Trunk and will keep you updated as to the premiere of my new story which is something completely different entirely. Without further ado, here is Chapter eighteen of What I Found in the Trunk.  

What I Found in the Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter 18

The room phone rang. Bennet hopped on the bed and checked the caller. “It’s the front desk,” he said.

“Answer it,” Gary told him.

Bennet picked up the handset. “Hey there,” he said. “Uh, huh…really? Fantastic! When…great! We’ll do that. Thanks!”

“What was that about?” Rusty asked.

“The fires are under control now. We can skedaddle, dudes!”

“Alright,” Gary said. “I’m going to drive us back to Soap Lake. The three of you are going to sit in the back seat together with Rune in the middle.”

“One of you can sit in the front,” Rune said. “I’m not going to jump out the door.”

“Like you didn’t bolt out of the bakery. Like you didn’t sell me your Chevy Baretta and skip town. Right. You’re sitting in the back between Rusty and Bennet.”

“I think it would be okay if she just sat in the back with me and Rusty rode shotgun,” Bennet said. “Rune and I have a connection.”

“You wouldn’t have a connection with an iron wall if you were covered in industrial strength magnets.”

“Seriously, we are mondo sympatico. Aren’t we, Rune?”

“Sure,” Rune said.

“See? She and I can sit in the back together and Rusty can ride up front.”

“If she escapes the car, I’m going to clobber you.”

“Awesome! Okay, Rune. You’re riding in the back with me.”

“Great,” Rune muttered rolling her eyes.

“Alright,” Gary said, “Let’s go.”

The motley crew left the Bavarian themed hotel and headed for the Buick. Gary and Rusty climbed in the front and Bennet opened the door for Rune who scooted over behind Gary. Then he got in and sat behind Rusty. Although the fires were over the smoke still hung in the air and the burning smell wafted through the atmosphere.

As Gary drove towards the highway entrance, he looked out into the great beyond and felt gripping fear. Being trapped in Leavenworth had been comforting. No one got in and no one got out. Now the terrible feeling of being hunted returned. He mulled over his last phone call to his dad. Something wasn’t right. Had Durwin been there? Was he looking over his dad’s shoulder? Did he know where they were or where they were going?”

“You okay, man?” Rusty asked.

“I’m fine,” Gary said not wanting to tip anyone off about his concern. “Call my dad, would you?”


“I just want to check in with him,” he said and picked up his phone, unlocked it and handed it to Rusty. 

“Alright.” Rusty took the phone and dialed Larry.

Gary’s heart raced as he listened to the dial tone. It rang several times.

“He’s not picking up,” Rusty said.

“Hang up and dial again.”

Rusty did. Still no answer.

“Something wrong?” Bennet asked from the backseat.

“I’m trying to call Larry, but he won’t pick up,” Rusty told him.

“Weird. He always answers his phone.”

“Call him again,” Gary snapped.

“Maybe he’s with a customer,” Rusty said.


Rusty dialed the number again. Gary listened to the steady ring. Still no answer.

“Let’s call him again in an hour,” Rusty suggested.

“Yeah, alright,” Gary said.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon when Gary pulled the Buick up in front of the cabin. Various people were on the lake getting a tan, splashing around in the water, and rubbing the mineral enriched sand on themselves.

Bennet hopped out of the back while Rusty climbed in beside Rune. Bennet looked around the perimeter of the house to make certain nothing was out of place. Gary hopped out and looked inside the windows. He peeked in through the corners hoping no one would be able to detect him if they were inside.

“Is Gary being paranoid or not?” Rusty asked Rune as they sat watching them.

“About what?” she asked.

“About not being able to get ahold of his father. About Durwin…”


“…and his posse following us here. About us being in danger. What’s the answer, missy?”

Rune turned and glared at him. “Let me tell you something, Rus,” she growled. “I don’t know if David kidnapped Gary’s dad. I don’t know if David’s lurking around here somewhere, and I don’t know what David’s planning. I don’t even know the full extent of what he’s capable of.”

“Great. Thanks. You’re loads of help.”

“Seems clear, dudes,” Bennet said returning to the car. “Everything looks to be in place. Let’s head inside.”

Rune and Rusty disembarked the Buick and followed Bennet up the steps to the front door. Gary was still standing at the window surveying the inside. Leery but relatively satisfied the place was empty he came around the corner and joined the others.

Bennet unlocked the door and cracked it slightly. They all listened for something or someone and looked to see if a figure’s outline might be revealed by the light. But the cabin appeared quiet and vacant, and they all headed inside. 

“Alright, Rune,” Rusty said. “Assume the position.”

“Suck mine, pervert,” Rune snapped.

“You don’t need to put cuffs on her, Rusty,” Bennet said. “She’s not going to run off.”

“Yeah, right,” Rusty scoffed. “I’m cuffing her.”

Gary ignored the three of them and continued searching the house. He was on edge and certain something was amiss.

“Call my dad again, Rusty,” he said.

Rusty, who still had Gary’s phone tried calling Larry once again.

“Put it on speaker.”

Rusty did and they all listened to the phone ring. Still no answer.

“Is anybody hungry?” Bennet said trying to break the tension.

“I am,” Rune said.

“I’ll order a couple pizzas and go pick them up. Maybe we could play some cards afterwards. What do you say, Gary? We’ll order pizza, play cards, and figure out our next move. What do you say?”

“Give me the phone, would you Rusty?” Gary said marching up to him. Rusty handed him the phone and Gary typed in a text and sent it. “Maybe he’ll answer that.”

But Gary knew he wouldn’t.

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You can check out my books Chicane and the five installments in my Musicology book series Musicology: Volume One, Baby!Musicology: Volume Two, Kid!Musicology: Volume Three, Twist!Musicology: Volume Four, Sweetie! and Musicology: The Epiquad on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions. You can also check out Musicology’s web site at www.musicologyrocks.com and vote for who you think will win Musicology!!!


From now till the end of the summer I’m going to recommend an independent film each week that stands out from the pack. In fact, the two previous films I recommended, The Limey and Ulee’s Gold are excellent examples of outstanding independant film making.


Whoever has the money has the power. This week’s fantastic thriller starts out innocently enough. Well to do high school student Chris Pratt (wonderfully played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has it all. He’s a star hockey player, has a beautiful girlfriend, popular friends, wealth, and brains…until one night when he makes a fatal mistake. Four years later he finds himself working as a janitor for a bank. Every day he writes down his list of events. He gets up, takes a shower with soap, takes his meds, watches a mysterious girl in a white coat head for her job in an office building. He no longer lives in his mansion with his wealthy father and mother. Instead, he lives in a grungy apartment with a wisecracking blindman named Lewis (one of Jeff Daniel’s best performances) who sells flowers for FTD. Then one night at a bar Gary Spargo (Mathew Goode) an old acquaintance comes back into Chris’s life, introduces him to an attractive young woman named Luvlee (Isla Fisher) and offers him a chance to put his life back on track if he does just one thing: be the lookout. This film leaves Showtime on 8/1.

What I Found in the Trunk Chapter 17

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the parti poodle and this week our novelist abandoned us.

I am Tucker. I am a Maltese. Gigi and I were left with a babysitter.

Babysitter indeed! I am perfectly capable of fending for myself. You don’t even know how to open the dog food cans.

Neither do you.

On the contrary, I know exactly how to curb my hunger.


By ordering from Doordash.


Absolutely. I must say I have had a hankering for crepes lately. I must order some soon. I simply would have to jump up on my novelist’s office chair and start striking keys. Then someone would come to the door, and I would bark at them until they left the food and went away.

How would you open the door and retrieve the food?

You and your logistics! I would find a way.


This is my blog! No one wants to hear about your thoughts. Leave now, please.

You don’t know how to open the door, do you?”

Balderdash! I am a poodle. We are highly intelligent.

I have never seen you open a door.

Ignore him! And please enjoy my seventeenth chapter of What I Found in the Trunk.

What I Found in the Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter Seventeen

Gary returned to the suite with Rune’s coffee. “Alright,” he said to her. “Here’s your triple raspberry mocha. Explain this thing you took.”

“I still don’t think you’re going to get it,” Rune said.

“Try us.”

Rune sighed and took a sip from the paper cup. “Let’s say you were a boy who grew up in the middle of nowhere. Let’s say you got bored easily. One day you are searching around your dad’s shop or whatever and you find a tin container. And you pick up the tin thinking it was empty and you find money in it. A lot of money. And at first the money interest you but after awhile you get to wondering what your dad might have done to amass all that cash.”

“Moonshine,” Rusty said.

“No. But something illegal.”

“Shrooms,” Bennet said.

“No, not shrooms. Let’s say dad was into something bigger.”

“Government secrets.”

“See,” Rune said to Gary. “I can’t explain this to you and your buddies.”

“Try,” Gary growled. Then he turned to Bennet and Rusty. “Shut up and let the lady talk.”

“So,” Rune continued. “You’ve found a large tin with a lot of money in it in your dad’s shop, and you know it’s not from moonshine and it’s not from drugs. At first you think he’s great at saving money. But then you start to wonder if he stole it. Or maybe he’s been skimming money off the family budget.

“But dad’s always been a good man. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t cheat on your mother. He’s just a guy with a shop who makes a decent living.”

“He’s like that guy in that movie who didn’t tell his wife he was an assassin and then the bad guys came to town,” Bennet said.

“Gary,” Rune said. “My understanding of our deal was I was to tell a parable about what I took from the trunk and yet I keep getting interrupted.”

“Let her finish the story,” Gary snapped. “After all we’re stuck here for at least a couple of days, and I could use the entertainment.”

“Thank you,” Rune said. “So, you decide to see if the bills are marked. Maybe you were wrong, and you can’t trust dad after all. Maybe he stole it from a bank, and you want to check to see if the bills are marked. You open the can up and take out two or three bills and slip them in your pocket, put the can back where you got it and leave the shop. “You ask yourself how do you go about finding out if the bills are marked? You can’t just walk into a bank and ask, “Hey, are these bills marked?” or “Hey, is the law on the lookout for these serial numbers?” So, you decide to spy on dad.

“You start making a diary of any time dad leaves the house. Then you realize that every Wednesday he goes to get supplies at the same time every week. After a month goes by you see he does it like clockwork.

“Then early one morning you hear something. It’s nearly dawn, and you sneak downstairs and look out the window at your father’s shop. There’s a strange truck parked outside. You scurry over to your dad’s desk where he keeps his binoculars. You look outside with them, and you watch a man and your father step out of the shop. You see your father hand the man the tin with all the money in it. The man looks inside the can and closes it. You wonder what your dad has bought from this stranger who upon closer look does not seem friendly. You become concerned this guy might hurt your dad. But then he hands your father an envelope. Your father looks in the envelope and shakes hands with the stranger. Then the man gets in his truck and drives off. Your dad puts the envelope in his shirt pocket and returns inside his shop.

“You set your alarm for this same time every morning, but the lights in your dad’s shop stay off and no one comes…until two weeks later. Then the stranger returns. And then two weeks later he comes back again. And every time your dad hands him a can full of money, is given an envelope and returns to the shop.

“You start to think whatever your dad is buying may not be worth what he’s spending. I mean he is keeping a lot of money in those tins. He must be getting ripped off. You decide when the stranger comes back this time, you’re going to get a better look. It’s summer now and you won’t freeze to death when you go outside. You’ve saved up for a pair of small compact binoculars and a digital voice recorder. You put them into your jacket pocket and head out to dad’s shop.

“When the stranger comes, you sneak along the side of the shop. You listen and when they greet each other you start the recorder. But they don’t say much. They talk about yesterday’s ballgame and the weather. Then your dad goes inside, and you can’t hear anything. There’s only a small window to look in but it’s mostly obscured except for a tiny piece of a corner. You look through the glass with your binoculars but all you see is your dad retrieving the new can from the shelf. He leaves the shop, and you look around the corner with your binoculars and your recorder going. The stranger tells your dad that his work is the best around, takes the can and hands him yet another envelope. But this time you see your dad open the envelope and with your binoculars you can tell what’s in it.” Rune took a sip of her coffee and looked at Gary.

“That’s it?” Gary asked.

“That’s all you need to know.”

“Is he laundering money?” Rusty asked.

“Like I said,” Rune replied. “That’s all you need to know.”

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It is difficult these days to find a new thoughtful film. In fact, some of the experts say cinema is bad, gone or even dead. And they are not entirely wrong. Both Martin Scorsese and Riddley Scott discuss it in this article and Barry Diller discusses it in this article. It’s essentially what happens when a pack of executive SPs backed by a bureaucratic SJ army tell artistic NFs and NTs what to make. Nothing good ever comes of it. However, sometimes a flower breaks through the concrete and thus I present week’s riveting sleeper from 2020. Based on the novel by Larry Watson the story takes place in 1951 Montana where retired sheriff George Blackledge (Kevin Costner) and his horse trainer wife Martha Blackledge (Dianne Lane) lose their only son James (Ryan Bruce) to an accident. James leaves behind his wife Lorna (Kayli Carter) and an infant son Jimmy (played at different ages by Otto and Bram Hornung), the Blackledge’s only grandchild. But when three years later Lorna decides to get remarried and the couple runs off in the middle of the night taking Jimmy with them, Martha decides to make a voyage across state lines to bring the boy home.  

What I Found In The Trunk Chapter 16

Good morning. It is I Gigi the parti poodle here to delight you with the sixteenth chapter of my story. This is an important time of the year for my novelist as it is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you are not aware of it, every year Nordstrom puts brand new fall clothing, shoes, accessories, and products for the home on sale in July (although due to Covid19 it was in August last year). My novelist always saves her money so she can splurge a little at it. It is most bizarre how she intensely analyzes and lays out a strategy of what to purchase. She is choosy about fabrics and yarns because she took a costume class for her drama degree at the university and was always taught that natural fabrics and yarns trump synthetics. But she has managed to find good choices this year she thinks will be warm as it is forecasting to be a cold winter here in the northwest. But enough about all that. Here is chapter sixteen of What I Found in the Trunk. Njuta!

What I Found in the Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter Sixteen

“Wakey, wakey.”

Gary’s dad fought to roll up the heavy shades on his eyes.

“Looks like he’s coming out of it.”

“What the blazes…?” Gary’s father said, his tongue heavy.

“Yep, he’s coming out of it.”

Gary’s father, his head sloshing around in the sleepy haze fought for consciousness. His eyes focused and he realized he was in some house somewhere with a wood floor and a lot of empty space. And then he saw three young guys staring down at him. He studied their faces and said, “You guys look familiar.”

“How are you doing old man?”

“Where am I?”

“Is he awake?”


Durwin strode over and joined his three buddies all towering down over Gary’s dad. “Well, well,” he said. “Gary’s father I presume.”

“Where’s my son?” Gary’s father demanded.

“Funny. That’s what we were going to ask you.”

“Are you friends of his?”


“What do you want with him?”

Gary’s father tried to move his hands and realized they were tied to his chair.

“Is this a kidnapping?!”

“More or less. Look old man. Your boy took something that belongs to me.”

“My son doesn’t take things that don’t belong to him.”

“Well, you’d be surprised.”

“What is it you think he took?”

“That’s none of your business. Your business is making Gary give it back.”

“Fat chance, kid.”

Durwin glared at Gary’s dad. He shoved a Ritz cracker in his mouth and munched it down. “I’m going to ask you one more time, old man. Where did Gary go?”

Durwin glared at Gary’s dad. He shoved a Ritz cracker in his mouth and munched it down. “I’m going to ask you one more time, old man. Where did Gary go?”

“Kid, I’ve been on this big round ball of a planet for a while now and I’ve seen a lot of punks like you. If you think you’re going to strong arm information out of me, you’d better think again.”

“This isn’t the time to play the tough guy. If you don’t tell me where Gary is I’m going to do a lot more damage to the both of you then if you speak up now.”

Gary’s dad laughed. “I’m in the business of used cars. I know a con when I hear one.”

“Well, aren’t you the tough guy.” Then he turned to his buddies and said, “Go to town on him.”

Durwin walked away as the first guy stepped in front of Gary’s dad and pulled back his fist. Suddenly, Gary’s dad’s phone played “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus.

“What the hell is that?” the first guy asked.

“It’s country music from the nineteen nineties,” the second guy said.

“It sounds like ass.”

“It’s his phone you idiots,” Durwin said marching over and grabbing the phone out of the pocket of Gary’s father’s blazer. Durwin looked at the caller ID. “Well, looky here. Gary’s calling. Answer the phone, pops.”

Durwin accepted the call, put it on speaker, and shoved the phone in Gary’s dad’s face.

“Hello?” Gary’s dad said.

“Hey, dad it’s me,” Gary replied.

“You didn’t show up for work today.”

“I…Bennet had an emergency…at his cabin in Soap Lake. I tried calling you earlier, but you didn’t pick up.”

“Today has been a blur.”

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to leave you in the lurch, dad.”

“That’s alright.”

“I’m not going to make it back for a couple of days. There’s a wildfire here.”


“And we’re trapped till they get it under control.”

“When will that be?”

“Couple of days maybe. Rusty is here too.”

“Rusty? Why’s he there?”

“It’s a long story. Anyway, I didn’t want you to worry.”

Gary’s dad looked at Durwin and his crew. “Are you in trouble?”



Gary fell silent. Then he said, “Someone thinks I took something from him.”

“Did you?”

“No. But I had to find the person who did.”

“Go to the police.”

Durwin hung up the call. “Shouldn’t have told him that old man. Now you’ve hurt my feelings. One of you guys find out where that cabin is. Then we’ll take the old man for a ride.”

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It’s hard to believe this fantastic sleeper was only nominated for one academy award for Peter Fonda’s career best performance. Victor Nunez should have also been nominated for his original screenplay, but the academy decided to nominate Woody Allen for Deconstructing Harry instead because let’s face it, Oscar voters prize manipulative narcissistic pedophiles over cinematic art. Ulee (Peter Fonda) is the only survivor of his Vietnam War platoon which he credits to cleverness and luck. He is the grandfather of two girls, likeable grade school aged Penny (Vanessa Zima) and teenage Casey (a young Jessica Biel in her first full length major motion picture). Ulee’s son Jimmy (Tom Wood) is in prison for a robbery gone bad and his strung-out wife Helen (Christine Dunford) is nowhere to be found. Ulee struggles to raise his granddaughters as he attempts to harvest his Tupelo Honey all by himself until he gets a phone call from Jimmy who has run into a little problem with the money he hid from his partners in crime.    

What I Found in the Trunk Chapter 15

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the Parti Poodle here to bring you the fifteenth chapter in my story. This week the Maltese and I have been enjoying the cooler weather and on the Fourth of July we watched one of my favorite drawing room dramas, Jaws. It is a delightful story about a misunderstood fish with Intermittent Explosive Disorder. As for myself, I am no stranger to the condition as the Maltese can tell you.

I am Tucker and I am a Maltese and Gigi can get terribly angry and it is scary and sometimes I want to hide.

Anyway, the fish may have picked up a chemical imbalance due to his random diet. One cannot go around eating small boats and expect to have a healthy outlook on life. That said I hope you enjoy today’s episode.  Buon divertimento!

And remember to stay out of the water.

What I Found In The Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter Fifteen

“What happened?” Durwin asked his three buddies after they returned from the car dealership and entered the house.

“We lost him,” the first guy said.

Durwin shoved a Ritz cracker into his mouth, munching as he narrowed his eyes. “You lost him.”

“Yeah. He and his guard left in another car.”

“His guard? Gary has a guard?”

“We followed the signal on his car all the way to the dealership, so we knew he was there but while we were knocking his security guard around, he charged us with a different car, picked up the guard and took off,” the second guy said.

“What other car?”

“We don’t know. It was coming at us too fast.”

Durwin shoved another cracker in his mouth and munched it down. “Too fast?”

“He drove straight at us,” the third guy said. “I mean I jumped out of the way and yelled to these two to keep us from getting hit.”

“So, Gary switched cars. Which way did he go?”

“He took the freeway.”

“Right. So, now Gary is on the freeway with a witness, a car without a tracker and he’s headed…somewhere and we have no idea where he is.” Durwin shoved another Ritz cracker in his mouth and munched. “We need to talk to dear old dad.”

“He’s not going to tell us where his kid went,” the first guy said.

“That’s not the point. The point is to find out where Gary went, and which car he drove off the lot.”

“Maybe he won’t even realize it’s missing,” the second guy said. “He’ll know it’s missing because one of two things is going to happen. Either Gary’s going to tell his old man he took the car for some reason or other. Or dad who’s a guy who’s sensitive to things like grand theft auto is going to know a car is gone after he thoroughly checks his car lot tomorrow which he does every morning. Especially since I’m betting Gary isn’t showing up for work in the A.M.”

“But we already went to the dealership yesterday,” the first guy said. “The old man will recognize us.”

“You know,” Durwin said retrieving another cracker, “that’s why I like you. You always see the obvious.” He shoved the cracker in his mouth, picked up his phone and typed a text. “One of you go get me a beer,” he said.

The first guy lumbered into the kitchen. As he was looking in the refrigerator Durwin’s phone chimed. Durwin responded to the text.

“What did she say?” the third guy asked.

“She’ll be there at nine tomorrow,” Durwin replied.

Gary’s dad was livid. Rusty wasn’t there, his son hadn’t shown up for work and a Buick was missing from the lot. He’d called his son’s phone several times but never got an answer.

“Irresponsible son of a…!”

“Good morning,” a female voice called out in the front.

Gary’s dad stormed out of his office to find a twenty something woman standing there. She looked like a college girl with a bank account. “Can I help you?” he said his voice laced with charm.

“My BMW gave out, and I wanted to see what kind of cars you had.”

“We have some wonderful BMWs.”

“Well, I wasn’t really particular about the brand. I was more concerned about reliability.”

“Are you looking for a sedan or something sportier?”

“Well…if you were my dad what kind of car would you want me to drive.”

“A Mercades C Class. They’re one of the safest cars on the road.”

“Sounds good.”

“Any particular color?”

“I’m not picky.”

“I’ll show you what we have. Would you care for a cup of coffee?”

“That would be wonderful,” she said.

Gary’s dad led the young woman to the coffee machine. Now why couldn’t his son find a girlfriend like this one he thought. “What can I get you?” he asked.

“A latte, please,” she said.

“Coming right up. You a college student?”


“What are you studying?”

“I haven’t declared a major yet.”

“My son majored in business.”

“Did he?”

“He should be coming in any time now.”

The young woman’s latte finished, and he handed it to her.

“Thank you,” she said. “Aren’t you going to brew one for yourself?”

“Would you mind if I did?”

“Please, do.”

“I appreciate it.” Gary’s father set the machine to brew him a double latte. “We have some beautiful Mercades on the lot. I think you’d love driving one. Classy looking car. Gorgeous in Jupiter red.”

“I’d love to see one.”

“The blue’s gorgeous too. Can never go wrong with a Lunar Blue Metallic.” He reached in and grabbed his coffee. “You ready to go pick out your new car?”

“Absolutely…it looks like your son is coming in.”

Gary’s dad turned to look out the window as the young woman slipped a pill into his coffee.

“I don’t see anyone,” he said.

“Must have been a reflection in the glass. My bad.”

“Alright, well let’s go.”

As Gary’s father led the young woman out the door and towards the lot she asked, “If I see something I like can I take it for a test drive?”

“Absolutely. How about this Jupiter red one here? It has exceptionally low milage and it’s in mint condition. As you can see it has a leather interior and an exceptional sound system.”

“It is a great looking car,” the young woman said. “I’d like to see how it drives.”

“Absolutely. I just need to make sure you have a valid driver’s license.”

“Of course,” the young woman said taking out her fake driver’s license and handing it to him. He looked it over and decided it was good. “Let’s go get the keys,” he said elated that he might be making a deal so early in the day. They headed back inside where he retrieved the key from the safe while the young woman waited in the room outside the office. Then the returned to the lot and he unlocked the Mercades. They got inside and he handed her the keys. She started the engine as she watched him sip his coffee.

“I think you’ll really like how smooth the car drives,” he said.

“Sure,” she said with a smile as she drove the car off the lot.

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Where Bryan Mills may have a certain set of skills, Wilson also has a certain set of skills…and deep-seated unbridled rage. The film, though an arthouse picture, is a thoroughly entertaining crime movie about a career criminal who learned how to be a serious bad ass after spending nine years in prison for robbery. Upon his release he finds out his adult daughter Jenny has died in a car accident. But he believes she was murdered. Wilson (brilliantly played by Terrance Stamp) is an intense unstoppable force to be reckoned with as he leaves the UK en route to the United States where he hunts down his daughter’s friend Eduardo (Luis Guzmàn) who sent him a letter alerting him of Jenny’s death. Eduardo then leads him to a ring of criminals who grossly underestimate Wilson. This encounter leads him to his daughter’s much older boyfriend Terry Valentine (Peter Fonda), a wealthy neurotic music producer with a bad taste in swimming pools. Eduardo also helps Wilson find Jenny’s acting coach Elaine (Lesley Ann Warren) who provides insights into Jenny’s character.

The film has an effective and unusual editing style thanks to wonderful work by Sarah Flack and director Stephen Soderbergh. Soderbergh uses clips from the 1967 British film Poor Cow as flashbacks for Wilson’s younger days as a fledgling father, boyfriend, and robber.  

What I Found in the Trunk Chapter 14

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the parti poodle here to bring you another installment of my story. It has been hot here, and I mean record breaking hot. Last weekend thru Monday we were hitting temperatures of 104 degrees and higher which is most unusual for us. As you may know, I detest baths. But the Maltese and I did not complain when our novelist put us in the bathtub one at a time, adjusted the handheld showerhead to mist and sprayed us with cool water so we could sleep through the night without endless panting.

It was hot this week. I was hot this week. I was miserably hot this week. I am Tucker and I am a Maltese.

As you can see the Maltese, despite his recently acquired grooming was sweltering.

It was hot. I was hot. I did not like being hot.

Yes, yes. They get it. You may go now.

I am Tucker and I am a Maltese. Happy 4th of July!

I was going to say that! Anyway, Happy 4th of July and God bless America. Enjoy!

What I Found in the Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter Fourteen

“What are we supposed to do now?” Gary asked as they headed back into Leavenworth. “We’re trapped here!”

“We’ll just get a hotel room and hang out there,” Rusty said.

“With a hostage?”


“Because that’s normal.”

“Look on the bright side, man,” Bennet said. “At least Durwin or David or whatever the dude’s name is can’t get into Leavenworth.”

“I hope not. What if he’s here already?”

“He’d have to know where Rune would run. Hey, Rune?”

“Shut up!” Rune yelled before kicking the back of Bennet’s seat from the trunk.

“You’re smart, right? Would Durwin think you went to Leavenworth?”

“Yeah, I’d go straight where he’d think I’d go.”

“So, you and Durwin don’t have any joint affiliation with this place?”

“He’s never even been here.”

“Did you ever tell him you wanted to come here, or traveled here or…”

“He doesn’t know I’m here. End of story.”

“We’re going to get a suite at one of the hotels…”

Suite?” Gary said. “Whose paying for a suite?”

“Calm down, man. We need a suite. There’s three of us guys and one gal.”

“Okay, well where can we get one cheap?”

“I’ve already started looking for one,” Rusty said searching on his phone. “Looks like that one on the road above Front Street is good. You know, the one that looks like a chalet?”

“How much a night?”

“Not bad.”

“What’s not bad?”

“Four hundred a night.”

“Are you serious?!”


“I can’t afford four hundred dollars a night for an indeterminate amount of time!”

“Well, you’re going to have to. Otherwise, we’re going to be sleeping in the car or the woods.”

“Rusty and I will chip in,” Bennet said.

“Speak for yourself,” Rusty snapped. “His dad pays my wages.”

“Look,” Bennet said, “let’s just do this. Gary knows I’m good for it. He can pay for the first two nights I’ll pay for the second and then we’ll figure it out from there. This fire thing can’t last long.

“Okay, fine,” Gary grumbled. “Let’s just book the suite and get to the hotel. What do we do about Rune? We can’t just take her out of the trunk in the parking lot and pull her into the place kicking and screaming.”

“We’ll lay down the back seat,” Bennet said. “Then we can guard the car as she crawls through from the trunk and gets out the back door. The windows are tinted so no one will wonder what we’re doing.”

“Alright, let’s figure out what we’re going to do next,” Gary said once they all got into the suite. “And Rusty, thanks for the hand cuffs.”

“My pleasure,” Rusty said beaming.

“Alright, Rune,” Gary said walking over to the end of the bed where she was attached. “You tell us where this thing Durwin…”

“David,” Rune said correcting him.

“David’s looking for and we’ll take you wherever it is you were planning to go.”

Rune looked from Gary to Rusty to the weird looking guy with the rock star hair and back to Gary. “You couldn’t handle it.”


“You couldn’t handle what I took from the box.”

“Don’t play mind games with me.”

“I’m never going to tell you what I took nor am I going to tell you where I put it.”

“Listen up, Rune,” Rusty said. “If you don’t tell us what and where this thing is we’re going to hand you over to Durwin or David or whatever silver platter and all. We are done with you involving us. What did you steal from him?”

“If I handed it over to you, you wouldn’t even know what it was.”

“Try me.”

Rune laughed, “I’ll never try you.”

“You smartass little…”

“Hey, Rune,” Bennet said. “I’m not really involved here. I wasn’t kidnapped by your boyfriend and his thugs. I wasn’t beaten up by them in a used car lot. I didn’t throw you in the trunk of a car…”

“You’re involved, scumbag.”

“Okay, let’s say you’re right. Let’s say I wouldn’t understand what this thing is you have. But let’s say you could explain it to me simply. Could you maybe…I don’t know…use a story problem or a parable or something like that to simplify it for me.”

Rune rolled her eyes. “I want a coffee.”

“Not a chance, sister,” Rusty growled.

“I’ll get you a coffee if you explain to Bennet as a parable what you took,” Gary told Rune.

“What?!” Rusty exclaimed marching up to him. “Don’t give her what she wants!”

“I’m willing to negotiate if she’s willing to negotiate,” Gary said checking to make sure he had his wallet. “So, am I getting you a coffee or not, Rune?”

“Raspberry Mocha,” she said. “Triple.”


“Do you want the parable or not?”

“Alright. I’ll get you a triple raspberry mocha,” Gary growled. “You guys watch her,” he told Rusty and Bennet before he left slamming the door behind him.


You can check out my books Chicane and the five installments in my Musicology book series Musicology: Volume One, Baby!Musicology: Volume Two, Kid!Musicology: Volume Three, Twist!,Musicology: Volume Four, Sweetie! and Musicology: The Epiquad on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions. You can also check out Musicology’s web site at www.musicologyrocks.com and vote for who you think will win Musicology!!!


I am not sure why Footloose is such a polarizing film. Some critics liked it and others hated it (for example Gene Siskel liked it and Roger Ebert didn’t). And yet the movie which in 1984 cost an estimated $8,200,000 to make grossed $80,035,402 in the US alone which is 9.76 times its original cost. The movie was remade in 2011 and was reincarnated into a Broadway musical which ran from October 22, 1998 until July 2, 2000 for 709 consecutive performances. Not to mention it is based on a true story and actual people in the town of Elmore City, Oklahoma. The town had banned dancing for almost eighty-two years from its founding in 1898 until 1980.

There are also some critics who complain the film didn’t have enough dancing…perhaps missing the point that the original film was not a musical. Nor was it intended to be in 1984. It was instead meant to be a film about liberty regardless of whether the subject was geared at adolescents or sophisticates.

It was indeed teenagers led by junior class president seventeen-year-old Rex Kennedy who fought against the Elmore City law. Kennedy and his classmates went toe to toe with Rev. F.R. Johnson of the United States Pentecostal Church in February of 1980. The kids wanted a prom, and the town was concerned about teenage pregnancies which they believed were linked to dancing. Ironically, every year the kids did have a banquet and every year the kids drove drunk to fields or the local bowling alley. Dancing apparently was more dangerous than drunk driving. The students’ battle was no small matter as court orders to keep the kids from dancing were an actual threat. The school board voted on the issue, and it was a tie: 2-2 which left the decision to the board president, a rancher named Raymond Lee. Lee had a daughter named Mary Ann Temple-Lee who was a junior class officer who wanted to go to the then non-existing prom with her boyfriend and date Leonard Coffee.

Leonard who moved to the town when he was in sixth grade didn’t even realize that dancing was illegal in Elmore City until the question of the Junior Banquet came up. Coffee who was also a class officer was in a meeting with the other class officers trying to decide on what activity they would do after the banquet and he said, “We dance. We dance at a prom.” And that’s when he found out about the law. After that Leonard, Rex and Mary Ann began to build a case against the decades long law and fight for a prom. The name of the lead character Ren is a combination of Rex and Leonard. Dad (Raymond Lee) gave his daughter the gift of a lifetime when he became the deciding vote to end the ban saying the words, “Let ‘em dance!” He even danced with Mary Ann at the prom. A good reason why there is such a thing as Father’s Day.

Since then, dancing has become an important part of Elmore City, Oklahoma. In 2010 the town re-created the famous prom on its 30th anniversary and again made national headlines. In 2011 it held its very first Footloose Festival. In 2012 Hennessey’s 40-student show choir recreated the famous finale of the movie on Main Street with choreography a smoke machine, a confetti cannon and 80’s vintage prom attire. What a difference changing a flawed law and mindset can do.   

The Elmore City, Oklahoma high school students stood up to a stalwart adult force which needed to change because it was harming teenagers. It is like albeit on a microcosm scale the high school students from Parkland standing up to a stalwart adult force who refuse to change laws which are harming teenagers. It is young people forced into rectifying the idiocy of the adults.    

The part of Ariel (I love the name because it is a difficult dance move) was turned down by the following actresses: Daryl Hannah (she took the role of Madison the mermaid in Splash instead) Elizabeth McGovern (she took the role of Deborah Gelly in Once Upon a Time in America instead), Melanie Griffith, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rosanna Arquette, Meg Tilly, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Heather Locklear, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jodie Foster, Phoebe Cates, Tatum O’Neal, Bridget Fonda, Lori Loughlin, Diane Lane and Brooke Shields. I must wonder why so many fantastic actresses made such a strange decision not to take on this strong feminist role.

Places like Elmore City, Oklahoma do/did exist. Here in the pacific northwest the town of Lynden, Washington which is near the Canadian border still holds a dancing ban where dancing and drinking are not allowed in the same establishment. In fact, Lynden had a Sunday liquor ban for forty-one years which started in 1967 and ended October 20, 2008. Something to think about while you are watching fireworks this Sunday.

What I Found in the Trunk Chapter 13

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the parti poodle here to introduce my blog and present Chapter Thirteen of my story. This week the Maltese has been suffering from the heat. I feel sorry for him. He has been panting a lot at night and my novelist had to put a cool wet towel over him. He will be feeling much better soon because he will be going in for his spa appointment where he will be tortured for an hour or two and come out looking…adequate. I still have a sharp looking style from my last appointment and do not feel the heat. I am beautiful and extraordinary in every way. That is why the blog is called Gigi Catches Air instead of Tucker Faceplants on the Floor. Without further ado here is my story. Frui!

What I Found In The Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter Thirteen

“Stop that banging!” Rusty yelled.

I knew we shouldn’t have done this!” Gary said as he turned the car around the corner and headed down Front Street. “This is bad! This is seriously bad!”

“It’s a felony, isn’t it?” Bennet asked.

“Yes, it’s a felony! Are you kidding me?!”

“Just drive back to Soap Lake and we’ll work it out.”

“Why did I listen to you guys? I must be out of my mind!”

There was a banging from the trunk again.

“Stop that banging!” Rusty yelled.

“I’m going to kick you in the nuts!” Rune shouted from the trunk her voice muffled.

“Good luck doing that from the trunk, sweetheart!”

“Don’t call me sweetheart, you prick!”

“Stop agitating her,” Gary snapped. “You’re making it worse.”

“Are you going to put up with that banging all the way back to Soap Lake?”

“She’ll stop if you shut up.”

“No, she won’t.”

“Yes, she will.”

“She won’t.”

“She will!”

“Dudes,” Bennet said. “Let’s chill. If we’re all worked up about this, we won’t be able to solve the issue at hand.”

“Bennet’s right,” Gary said. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but he’s right. We need to focus on the issue at hand.”

“I’m more than willing to focus,” Rusty said. “But she needs to shut up back there and quit her banging.”

“We grabbed her, shoved her into the trunk of a Buick and took off. I can kind of see her point of view.”

“Yeah, but I can’t take that kind of racket. I have a sensitivity to loud noises.”

“You’re a security guard! You spend your free time at the shooting range!”

“Yeah, but I don’t listen to constant banging sounds. That just grates on my nerves.”

“You know what you need, dude?” Bennet said. “Meditation. I have this like meditation app on my phone…”

“Are you both nuts?!” Gary yelled. “I just want to get out of this tourist trap and head back to the cabin! I don’t care if she’s banging on the trunk or not!”

“It’s annoying,” Rusty said. “Just saying.”

“Okay. There’s the turnoff to the highway.”

“Are those cops up there?” Bennet asked.

“Probably just pulled someone over for speeding.”

“No, seriously, dude. Those are cops.”

Gary studied the situation ahead of them. Bennet was right. There were several cops at the turnoff.

“My life is over,” Gary groaned.

“Calm down, dude,” Bennet said. “I’ll handle the situation.”

“No! You won’t handle the situation. I am going to handle the situation! You suck at talking to cops!”

“Who said I was going to talk to the cops?”

“You did! You said you were going to handle the situation!”

“Oh, no, I meant I’d deal with you know who in the trunk.”

“Wow! I feel so much better about this!”

“Dude she’s going to pull that glow in the dark emergency thingy in the back there and jump out the minute we stop the car if you don’t let me handle the situation. I’m great with chicks.”

“Is that why you’re all by yourself in a cabin in a resort ghost town, hos?” Rusty asked.

“I’m alone by choice, bro. And you seriously should try that meditation app.”

“Oh, man!” Gary said. “They’re stopping cars. They are seriously stopping cars!”

“Chill out, dude. I’ll talk to her.” Bennet turned towards the back and said, “Hey, Rune.”

“Screw you!” Rune shouted from the trunk smashing her foot into the back of Bennet’s seat.

“Hey, Rune. My name is Bennet…”

“I don’t care what your name is!”

“Look, we’ve got a snafu here.”

“Not my problem.”

“We’re not out to hurt you.”

“You kidnapped me!”

“But you’ve put my buddy here in danger and we need you to help us get him out of it.”

“Nothing’s in it for me.”

“We will get you to wherever you are running to if you help us out.”

“Good luck with that.”

“No questions asked.”

“You think I’m going to tell you where I’m going?”

“We’re the best chance you’ve got of getting there.”

“No, I’m the best chance of me getting there.”

“She’s stopping us,” Gary said to Rusty.

The sinewy armed police officer with the smart short haircut motioned for Gary to roll down his window.

“Good morning, officer,” Gary said.

“Good morning, sir,” the female police officer said. “We’re going to have to ask you to go up here and turn around and head back into Leavenworth.”

Gary’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Pardon me, officer. Why do we need to do that?”



“Forest fire. It’s surrounding Leavenworth.”


“Sir, just pull up here, turn around, head back into town and stay there.”

“How long do they think the fire will last?”

“As far as we’ve been told, a couple of days.”

“A couple of days?!”

“Yes, sir. Head straight up that way and follow the orange cones.”


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In the United States region best called The Devil Belt where Christianity is preached but not always practiced lies a searing burning hell known as the public school system. This is an accurate fly on the wall documentary that simply sits back and lets the subjects of the movie present their different forms of evil. One of the critiques of this movie amongst critics is that the bullies in the film are not interviewed or asked why they do what they do. Allow me to retort. Bullies are often psychopaths or those with ASPD better known as Anti-Social Personality Disorder. This used to be called Sociopathy. As psychopaths are highly manipulative compulsive liars having them talk to the camera is not nearly as effective as if you study them in the wild. If you would kindly turn to page 155 of, Please Understand Me Character & Temperament Types by David Keirsey & Marylyn Bates you will see that there is a section called Temperament in Teaching where the authors did a study of the California school system. There is an eerie distribution of personality types:


SJ:                        56%                                    38%                                                 +16%

NF:                       36%                                    12%                                                  +24%

NT:                       6%                                      12%                                                  -6%

SP:                       2%                                      38%                                                  -36%

Because SJ’s who notoriously embrace institutions, tradition, and bureaucracy dominate the school personal population they do not see any reason why their stoic teaching or administrative philosophies which are based in the past and steeping in tradition should be questioned because after all everyone thinks just like them, right?

Now turn to page 208 of, Please Understand Me II Temperament Character Intelligence by David Keirsey. This section is called The Pygmalion Project. Or in other words who is sexually attracted to whom? You’ll find that per Keirsey’s studies although there are no right or wrong attractions, people most commonly pair up based on personality. People are drawn to what Jung called their shadow. You might think of it as an equal opposite. Taking this into account what divides people most is not extroversion vs introversion but rather sensory vs intuition. Sensory is attracted to Sensory and Intuition is attracted to Intuition. Goes like this:





A while back an innovated blogger did an experiment where she asked people on the internet to take both the LSPR (which measures psychopathy) and the MBTI (which measures personality) and send her the scores. She then laid out a grid of the results. Here is what she found:

As you can see the personality types which are more likely to have ASPD and psychopathy are more to the right and the ones who are less likely to have psychopathy are to the left. Knowing that psychopaths are always extroverted we can eliminate the INTP, INTJ, ISTJ and the ISTP from the equation leaving the ENTP the ESTP the ENTJ and the ESTJ. Also, all the types that are F or feeling personality types are on the left and the T or thinking personality types are all on the right.

So, if the Pygmalion project is correct and SJ is attracted to SP, and Keirsey & Bate’s study of school personal is right and SJs are the dominate personality type amongst educators and administrators who do you think the educational staff is going to reward? Themselves and their shadow. That means that NF and NT children are the most compromised students in school. They are outnumbered in the general population by a ratio of approximately 76% to 24%, and they are the least attractive to the education majority and other students at large. That makes ESTPs and ESTJs the most likely bullies on school campuses followed by a smaller population of ENTP and ENTJ bullies. This isn’t to say the introverted INTP, INTJ, ISTJ and ISTP couldn’t be bullies as well but they are less likely because of their introversion. Nor is it to say every ESTP, ESTJ, ENTP and ENTJ is a bully, but those are the personality types with a predilection towards callous behavior. In other words, educators consciously and unconsciously gravitate towards kids who are like themselves and kids with personalities they want to have sex with. Thus, educators enable bullies.

Watch the scene where the principal (an obvious SJ) forces the two boys who have had yet another confrontation to shake hands. The real bully (ESTP) gets off Scott-free and she further victimizes the other kid (NT) who is more intelligent than she is and argues the flaws in her logic. Why? Because she wants to go to bed with the bully. And so do all the other SJ teachers and SJ students who become part of the child killing machine. Also, bullies will gravitate towards students they are sexually attracted to and bully them as well making ISFJ and ISFP potential targets for ESTP and ESTJ bullies and INFJ and INFP potential targets for ENTP and ENTJ bullies. 

Because school systems are made up primarily of SJ (logistical) personalities and NF (diplomatic) personalities you have not employed personalities who readily recognize a dangerous person. SP (tactical) and NT (strategic) personalities will much more readily size up a threat because they have a unique internal understanding of their own kind because of their strongest aptitudes. If you employed more non-psychopathic/ASPD SP and NT personalities in schools and provided them proper training, there is a chance they would recognize and ferret out bullies faster than those who are currently the majority.

And you thought sex and violence had nothing to do with the education system. Think again.  

What I Found In the Trunk Chapter 12

Good afternoon. It is I Gigi the parti poodle here to introduce my blog. I had a glorious week off and spent it lounging around the house watching the occasional art film. What could be better. I am back this week penning again and enjoying the prequel to summer. There are many things I look forward to in this glorious weather: walks, sunbathing, reading and of course viciously attacking the resident Maltese. I must say I would very much like to go to summer school and take courses in astronomy and logic as the two areas have always piqued my interest. For now, I shall put my efforts into my story and keep you entertained. I wish you a wonderful Father’s Day and offer up another helping of my scrumptious tale. Bon Appetit!   

What I Found in the Trunk


Gigi the parti poodle

Chapter Twelve

“Yes, I remember you,” Rune said looking up at Gary who seemed taller than she remembered.

“Well, your boyfriend and his comrades wanted to take me for a little ride when I tried to return your strongbox,” Gary said.


“Because, Rune, you took something from him he didn’t want taken. And now he thinks I’m involved. But you know I’m not involved. And I know I’m not involved. But crazy Durwin thinks I’m involved.”

“His name isn’t Durwin.”

“Wonderful! Even better!”

“His name is David.”

“Wow. Is Durwin his alter ego?”

“It’s his twin brother’s name.”

“What does his twin brother have to say about that?”

“I don’t know. He goes to WSU.”

“Well, that sounds like a good way to stick your twin brother with a crime…or several.”


“What did you take from him, Rune?”

“I don’t have to tell you that.”

“Well, as a matter of fact you do. Because I’m not getting beaten up and left for dead in the woods somewhere because Durwin, David or whatever his name is thinks I stole something from him that was actually stolen by you.”

“Yeah? Well, what do you think he’s going to do to me?”

“I have no idea and frankly it’s none of my business. Now, what did you take?”

“It’s safe and sound.”

“How do I know that?”

“You’ll have to take my word.”

“Your word is garbage.”

“I’m not going to hand it over to you if that’s what you think.”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong.” Gary motioned for Rusty and Bennet to come over.

“Dude,” Bennet said to Rusty over at their table by the window. “Do you think he wants us to go over there?”

“Looks like it,” Rusty said. “Yep, he sure does. He’s signaling us again.”

“Do you think we should just grab her and stuff her in the trunk of the Buick?”

“Not with all these people around. Let’s just head over and feel out the situation.”

The two guys got up and headed over to Rune’s table and stood beside Gary.

“You see,” Gary said to Rune, “I brought back up.”

Rune looked up at Gary’s two would-be mauls. “They look like clowns,” she said.

This comment did not set well with Rusty. “You’d better watch it,” he told her. “I happen to like clowns.”

“Well,” she said sitting back in her chair and folding her arms. “Firstly, I don’t have what David’s looking for on me.”

“David?” Bennet said. “I thought his name was Durwin.”

“Durwin is David’s twin,” Gary explained. “I’ll fill you in on the details later. In the meantime, I want Rune here to tell us what it is Davy boy is looking for and where she hid it. Because if she doesn’t, we’re going to have to go on to Plan B!”

“Is that what we talked about earlier that you didn’t want to do?”

Gary scowled at Bennet and nodded his head.

“When you say twin,” Rusty asked Rune, “do you mean identical or fraternal?”

“Identical,” Rune replied

“Get up out of that chair,” Gary told her. “We’re all leaving here together.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

Gary looked at Bennet and Rusty. “Plan B,” he said.

Rune shot up out of her chair and ran for the door.


The three guys took off after her and raced out of the café.

“There she is!” Rusty said pointing right. Rune was dodging around a group of elderly ladies who were window shopping for nutcrackers.

The boys rushed towards her shoving tourists out of the way as they ran up the sidewalk. Rune turned right and rounded the corner. An elderly man with a couple of Dachshunds was heading straight towards them. Bennet tripped on the leashes and hit the pavement. Rusty sidestepped the kafuffle and turned down the side street. He saw Rune rush down the sidewalk and turn right again. He picked up speed and headed after her.

Gary ran up to Bennet and the elderly man on Front Street. “I’m sorry,” he told him. “We had an argument with our…friend and she…”

“The car!” Bennet screamed. “Go!”

Gary whipped around, stumbled, and ran towards the Buick bumping into people and nearly tripping over a cat on a leash. His heart pounding and his hands shaking he fumbled for the key, unlocked the car, and jumped inside. He pulled out into traffic and clenched his teeth wanting to drive faster but the tourist traffic slowed him down. He watched Bennet run around the corner Rune had turned on. He veered left and drove two blocks not seeing her anywhere. Then he looked in his rearview mirror and saw Rusty running full speed.

Cranking the wheel and making a U-turn Gary sped up the street towards his nightwatchman. Still no Rune. He looked left then right then left again…then he saw her dash into the parking lot of the Obertal Inn. He cranked the wheel again, drove into the parking lot, threw on the break and with the car still running he burst out of the driver’s side and sprinted around the front of the car.

Rune saw him coming, turned towards the hotel entrance, and rushed towards the lobby door with Gary in hot pursuit. He lunged towards her but missed and her hand flailing for the handle when Rusty tackled her from the side.

Gary rushed up and slapped his hand over her mouth as they hauled her over to the car. Gary popped the trunk with his key fob and with her struggling and kicking shoved her into the trunk and shut the lid. Gary hopped into the driver’s side and Rusty threw open the passenger door. Gary whipped the car around, hung right and they drove up the street where they found Bennet bent over, huffing and puffing trying to catch his breath.

“We’ve got her!” Rusty told him after rolling down the window.

“Awesome!” Bennet said.

“Get in!”

Bennet grabbed the handle of the rear door of the passenger’s side, hopped in and they took off.   


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Firstly, allow me to say this is not a must-see film. This film is required viewing. The opening frame of the movie is a young boy in a field staring at something. Suddenly, he reaches out and with his thumb and forefinger snatches a bug, likely a cricket, studies it and places it in his jar with many other crickets. He screws the lid on and holds the jar behind his back out of view to the detective and everyone else at the site of a horrific crime scene which will become a manhunt for one of the most notorious murderers in Korean history. Is this not a masterclass way to introduce a movie about a serial killer? Bong Joon-ho who directed and co-wrote the script with Shim Sung-bo is best know for his Oscar winning film Parasite. But from where I sit Memories of Murder is his magnum opus.

Combining humor and the slow burn of tragedy the movie tells the true story of Korea’s first known serial killer. Starting in October of 1986 in a small Korean town the bodies of two young women are found, each one with similar modus operandi. They have been hog tied, raped, had their panties placed over their heads and were strangled with an article of their own clothing. Likable local detective Park Doo-man (Song-kang ho) with no background in serial killers and little forensic technology finds himself dealing with botched crime scenes and damaged evidence. He and his hotheaded partner Detective Cho Yong-Koo suspect a mentally challenged young man named Baek Gwang-ho (No-shik Park) who was known to follow around the first woman they found dead. He was seen doing so on the night she died, and they suspect he is the killer. Enter Detective Seo Tae-yoon (Kim Sang-kyung), from Seoul, a university educated man who sees things differently. When Park and Cho and their Sergeant Koo He-bong (Byun Hee-bong) think they have their man in Baek, they announce to the press the case is solved. But when they are quickly proved wrong Sergent Shin Dong-chul (Jae-ho Song) is brought to head the case and work with the three detectives to solve the crimes. But like an onion which falls apart layer by layer they find the killer is much savvier than they bargained for.

Ironically in 2019 when Parasite hit the theatres new information came out about the case. You can read about it HERE after you’ve seen the film.